Restoration of old film recordings and non-linear video editing

We offer editing of short films from provided video and photo recordings, often digitized by us. Movies from VHS, Video8, Hi8 or miniDV tapes were mostly recorded continuously, without any editing. Therefore, we propose selecting the most important scenes, adding a soundtrack and spectacular transitions between scenes, which will make the provided material more attractive to the modern viewer. A video prepared on an individual order will give archival photos and video shots a new quality and a second life. The material is perfect as a gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, children's weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Grandfather's Day or other important occasions.
In addition, we can improve the quality of archival recordings using specialized software based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Using this software, the operator tries to:

  • Intelligently remove interlacing from the image, as every videotape was recorded in this way.
  • Remove noise from parts of the image, especially areas with a uniform flat color, e.g. sky, or very dark parts of the image where noise was introduced by the imperfections of CCD.
  • Remove various artifacts resulting from MPEG compression, e.g. when recording on miniDV, HDV tapes.
  • Upscale old video footage with a resolution of 720x576i using artificial intelligence algorithms to modern standards, i.e. to Full HD resolution 1920x1080p pixels or even to UHD or 4K, 8K. The program tries to create missing image pixels, which were never recorded by the camera! Sometimes it gives an artificial-looking effect and sometimes the effects are very good. It depends on the nature of the video shot and the quality of the input material.
  • Improve image contrast and sharpness.
  • Smooth and clean various parts of the image from noise.
  • Optionally increase video smoothness by increasing the number of frames per second from 25 FPS to 50 FPS for the PAL system. Here, too, artificial intelligence algorithms are used to create something that was not recorded by the camera!
  • Stabilize the image recorded e.g. on amateur photosensitive Super 8mm celluloid tape.

We invite you to watch numerous examples on our YouTube channel and to read a more detailed description on our website It is possible to make a free sample from a small fragment of your film!

Below is an example of video quality improvement from a VHS tape:

Improving the poor quality of an old video recording from a camera:

Improving the quality of a wedding video recording from an S-VHS tape: