Scanning old photos, photographs, transparencies, slides, and negative film. Frame-by-frame scanning of amateur Super 8 mm and Normal 8 mm celluloid films.

We offer professional scanning of paper photos, archival photographs, photographic negatives, old color and black-and-white negatives, transparencies and slides. Many of us keep old photos of family events, weddings and other important moments in our own lives or the lives of our loved ones in our home archives. Often, the few photographs of our ancestors are the only memories we have left of them. It also happens that we have photographic negatives, but no paper prints. To preserve these precious photos and enjoy them again, it is worth scanning them, i.e. converting them to a standard, secure digital format. This makes it much easier to copy them, print them on paper, share them, send them to family or friends, and archive them safely.
We also offer frame-by-frame scanning of old Super 8 mm and Normal 8 mm celluloid films. From the scanned frames, we will create an MPEG-4 / MP4 movie that you can show to your loved ones or send them over the internet.

Scanning paper photos and photographs

We scan paper photos and photographs on a high-end EPSON scanner with a resolution that allows you to print photos in A4 format. You will receive a digital JPEG or TIF file on a USB Pendrive memory stick. The parameters of each photo are set individually by an experienced scanner operator, e.g. the option of removing dust, color balance, contrast. For an additional fee, there is the possibility of advanced digital processing and retouching in the professional Photoshop program.

Scanning of slides and transparencies

We scan archival slides and transparencies (such as ORWO, KODAK, FUJI, FOTON…) to digital files in JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF or other formats. We can save the files to a USB pendrive or upload them to our FTP server. The scanned files can be viewed directly from the USB pendrive on modern TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones and other multimedia devices. The parameters of each slide are set individually by an experienced operator. The selected scanning resolution will allow you to print on paper up to A4 size.

Scanning color and black and white photographic negatives

We scan old photographic negatives and film strips to digital files in JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF or other formats as requested by the customer. We use a high-end EPSON flatbed scanner with a resolution that allows for printing photos in up to A4 format. Upon request and for an additional fee, we can also print your photos in photographic quality. The parameters of each frame of the negative are set individually by an experienced scanner operator, including options for removing dust, white and black balance, brightness, contrast, etc. This is not an automatic scanning process! Therefore, the results of scanning old, discolored negatives are very good.

Frame-by-frame scanning of Super 8mm and Normal 8mm films

Scanning is done on a simple frame-by-frame scanner for Super 8mm and Standard 8mm films. After scanning, advanced digital processing using specialized AI-based software provides excellent results. More information and examples can be found on our dedicated website